The Tubacex Group has made a significant effort in innovation in recent years, which is constantly being reflected in the results and in the sales figure.


Sales of new products have increased significantly, exceeding 30% of sales of manufactured tube, as a result of the commercial success of the projects developed. Important approvals with potential customers have also been obtained, which will enable sales of high value-added products to increase in the future.

Since 2008, and more notably in the past two years, we have entered all of the strategic sectors that were defined as targets, namely: OCTG, umbilical offshore tubes, ultra supercritical boilers and recently, fertilizers.

This has been possible thanks not only to R&D activities, but also to significant investment in recent years, in excess of €150M, and the improved processes in all of the Group's plants.

A milestone in 2014 was the opening of a new laboratory specifically devoted to R&D, which is located on the Zamudio Scientific and Technology Park (Bizkaia).

TUBACEX Innovación

The Tubacex Group has a corporate innovation unit called Tubacex Innovación, with human and technical resources devoted exclusively to Innovation activities, consisting of product R&D projects and development projects for the different industrial plans of Group companies, in which technological development is required.

The Research team is led by Alejandra, and in addition to carrying out R&D projects, it also aims to provide technical services, such as:


  • Technical opinion regarding customer claims in which an in-depth analysis of the fault is required
  • Standardization of the Group's laboratories
  • Internal steel handling within the Tubacex Group

This new laboratory will accelerate the development of the R&D unit, in skills such as metallurgical and metallographic knowledge, which is key for the development of new materials and processes.

The creation of the new laboratory will act as a base for the future growth of the R&D capacities of the Tubacex Group, enabling closer collaboration with customers in the development of new solutions for the energy sector.