For this first edition of the Tubacex Beat newsletter, who better than to interview Alvaro Videgain, Chairman of the Board since 1993, as our first relevant person related to the Tubacex Group.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Tubacex?

There are many things, but I would highlight Satisfaction, Project, Work, Team...

What would you say has been your main contribution to Tubacex?

The reality that we are experiencing today is the result of the work of many people throughout over 50 years of history and effort, of which I am fortunate to have participated in for 33 years.

What have been the most important changes in Tubacex since you joined?

Today's culture is nothing like that when I first arrived. Nowadays, we are a modern company, world leader in our sector with a significant international position, global, manufacturing high value-added products. I think that we have now understood that what is good for Tubacex is good for all of us who form part of it.

You started working as a sales person. What advice would you give to the Tubacex sail persons in these difficult times?

For me, sales force are those at the bow but within the same vessel, but sales is also production and vice-versa, and I say this because when we sell, all of us are selling and when we manufacture, all of us are manufacturing. It is necessary to have a good understanding of the market and the potential customers and what they want. Of course, we must also have competitive products (cost, quality and service).

How do you see the future for Tubacex?

Better than ever. With its capacity and our hopes and determination, in particular, after having made my dream of becoming number one in our sector come true, our challenge is to become leaders in sustainable profitability. There is a company for another 50 years!!