Throughout the history of industrial steel processing, many companies have treated Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) as a «soft factor» with minor impact on results and, therefore little interest/attention was paid to its improvement.

However, history shows us that reality is just the opposite and Occupational Health & Safety can have a severe negative impact, especially in the case of occupational accidents with fatal consequences.

With the launch of the Tubacex Strategic Plan 2013–2017, four main objectives have been defined and are being pursued throughout the Tubacex Group. One of them is «Being a company, people want to work for», which includes Occupational Health & Safety as one of the key success factors. To emphasize its importance, just take a minute to consider all of the consequences of a scenario in which you leave home in the morning feeling motivated and in a good mood to enjoy a pleasant working day, but you never return home as a result of a fatal accident at work.

Isn’t it worth doing everything possible to prevent such a situation? The Tubacex Management Committee states «it is really worth preventing accidents at work», and, therefore we take responsibility for developing safe processes in all of our factories and encourage our employees to follow a healthy and safe life-style.

During 2013 and 2014 enormous effort has been made to improve Occupational Health & Safety in all of the industrial units, whereby a positive trend has already been observed.

However, there is still a lot more to be done and, therefore, the TUBACEX HEALTH & SAFETY Project was launched on March 26th, which involves all of the business units worldwide to cooperate towards the objective of creating a common Health & Safety Culture as a result of the development of Leadership in Occupational Safety.

The key actions for 2015 are:

  • Define a TX-wide HS-team
  • Review the current HS status (KPIs, approvals, etc.)
  • Define HS-toolbox and basic HS-rules
  • Define HS-targets 2015-2019
  • Carry out HS-self-evaluations in accordance with the defined processes
  • Define a working program and milestones for 2015 on an operational level
  • Draw up an annual HS-Report

Let’s work together and take responsibility for OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY!​