Radical Improvement is one of the three parts of the TxPS (Tubacex Production System).

The methodology consists of launching two improvement projects per plant every 6 months, whereby each one is focused on a priority area for different reasons (safety, quality, delivery, productivity...). The aim is for the project to have a significant impact on the day-to-day performance and for this improvement to be reflected in the area indicators and ultimately, in the Tubacex Income Statement.

On 6th March 2015, the closing session for the second batch of Spain radical improvement projects 2014 was held. Members of the 6 improvement projects developed in this phase participated in the session, led by the project leaders and in the presence of the Spain Operations Management Committee.

In this event, project leaders gave a presentation on the scope, key achievements and the main improvement actions carried out by team members in order to obtain these achievements. Special mention was also given to the methodology implemented in the area to sustain the improvements obtained and the future improvement ideas that were identified. Following the presentations, the leaders were given a certificate in recognition of their efforts in the projects and all members of the team were given a small gift as a token of gratitude for their hard work and dedication.

At Tubacex, we count on all of our employees to continue participating actively in the TxPS.