As part of TUBACEX strategy, there is a firm commitment to developing new more demanding products requiring a higher level of quality and more advanced technical skills.

TUBACEX Group currently has seven test laboratories which will soon be eight, once Cantabria laboratory is operational.

The following main projects have started as part of a general improvement plan:

Internal standard for laboratories, consisting of:

  • Standardization of technical test instructions and procedures.
  • Preparation of a set of inter-comparison tests (Round Robin test).
  • Initial accreditation according to standard ISO 17025 for TTI and SBER laboratories, to be subsequently extended to other Group laboratories.

This project will achieve: higher technical competence and excellent management of all laboratories on the one hand and guaranteed standard quality for all the Group products, on the other. Moreover, the ability to react to any contingency requiring the crosswise use of corporate resources is also increased.


The new laboratory will contribute to the future development of the Group's product portfolio

Complete retrofit of IBF laboratory in ITALY:

TUBACEX Group recently approved the construction of a new laboratory at IBF premises in Piacenza.

The new laboratory will be equipped with state-of-the-art preparation, optical microscope and mechanical testing equipment.

In addition, the team will be significantly reinforced to be able to meet the growing demands of both our customers as well as future R&D projects.

IBF has an ambitious investment plan in place, strongly focused on innovation and technological development. The new laboratory will be in operation in 2015 and will contribute to the future development of the Group product portfolio.