Excellent training as a preventive measure

Nowadays, occupational health and safety is more than the TUBACEX Group's commitment to its employees: it is a reality that has been achieved through common effort in all of the business units.

At a local level, SBER places special emphasis on the training of its workers in this field to prevent potential risks and reduce accidents. 

Since 2013, SBER has been carrying out a powerful health and safety training program through specialized courses in risk activities which are always taught by internal and external experts.

One of the courses to highlight is the «Industrial Climber Course» as it is one of the plant's most important and most necessary courses due to the extensive use of cranes and work carried out at heights. The course combines theoretical and practical training with the aim to provide full knowledge of how to act when working at a height. The training is rounded off with an exam which workers must pass. It is expected that by the end of the 2015, a total of 37 workers will have successfully completed the course.

All these training programs are being well received by the workers, who know that being aware of all the risks and knowing how to prevent them is extremely important for their daily work and therefore, they can work more efficiently achieving higher quality results.