TUBACEX boosts its i nnovation strategy in UMBILICALS

Tubes for the manufacture of umbilicals are some of the highest value-added and technological products that the TUBACEX Group has been committed to in recent years within its development plan.

Umbilicals are high demand products that are used in offshore wells for hydraulic control and chemical injection services, whereby its tubes fulfill strict quality and performance levels. These tubes must offer high mechanical resistance as well as resistance to corrosion in the most demanding environments, in addition to good weldability.

Since 2010, TUBACEX has manufactured this type of tubes at its Schoeller Bleckmann Edelstahlrohr GmbH (SBER) plant in Ternitz, Austria, which has technological facilities that are a reference worldwide.

As a result of its research and development activities, the TUBACEX Group has designed a chemical composition optimizing the grade of UNS S32750 austenitic-ferritic steel and has designed the manufacturing route of bars used as raw material for this type of tubes at Acerálava. This development will enable Acerálava to supply an intermediary product that will guarantee excellent mechanical and corrosion characteristics. It also ensures optimum weldability in the whole dimensional range of umbilical tubes, which enables a micro-structure to be obtained in the heat-affected area that fulfills the most stringent quality requirements.

Acerálava's capacity to manufacture raw materials for umbilical tubes offers the possibility of integrating the entire manufacturing process within the TUBACEX Group. It is undoubtedly a competitive advantage, as it is possible to control the entire supply chain and offer a quality product with the best service at highly-competitive prices.


Possibility of integrating the entire manufacturing process within the TUBACEX Group