Pierre DUSSERT - General Manager of GNMS

GNMS is a consortium of European companies which aim to promote sales to the nuclear industry, focusing mainly on New Nuclear Power plants. The TUBACEX Group is a member of this consortium.

How is the nuclear industry evolving four years after the Fukushima accident?

A new international regulation has been put in place to guarantee that in the event of severe accident, no radiation can be extended beyond the reactor building. As a result of this regulation, many countries have reconsidered their stance on including Nuclear Energy in their Energy mix.

Which are GNMS objectives and possibilities in above scenario?

GNMS was set up by seven companies (TUBACEX, SBER, ERNE fittings, Essinox, Loire industries, NRM, Sotep) in 2014 and the Butting Group joined in 2015. Our main objective is to offer a comprehensive solution to the Nuclear industry in terms of pipe fitting and forging, and to become the world leader in certified Nuclear raw material packages.

Which will be the main focus of GNMS over the forthcoming years?

From 2015 to 2030, around 70 NPP will be built in the world and 180 projects will begin. GNMS has three main focuses: «Newbuild» on UK project and ITER project; the mid-term projects, such as the Turkish project with Areva and MHI and our action in the Chinese market; and the adaptation of the existing NPP to the new international rules in terms of safety.

What role can TUBACEX play within GNMS?

The TUBACEX Group plays a key role within GNMS, through SBER and IBF. The TUBACEX Group has extensive experience in nuclear projects worldwide and the quality of the product enables TUBACEX to deliver pipes in the reactor building.