Gregorio IBERNIA - Maintenance TTI Llodio / Retired

Interview to recognize the most veteran employee at TUBACEX for 50 years devoted to the company: for his professionalism and expertise.

What balance would you make of your 50 years at TTI?

I began as an apprentice at TTI Llodio at the age of 14, swapping my short pants for long ones and two years later, I went on to become a third-class official in Mechanical Maintenance. I held the post of boring machine operator for 45 years in the company. I also worked as a fitter in the pump room in recent years.

What's the best thing that has happened to you at TTI?

The best thing has been working alongside young, open teams that are eager to learn, sharing experiences: from the past and the present. Working enthusiastically, with commitment and as a team, as well as sharing experiences is essential on a daily basis.

What historic event do you particularly recall?

The 1983 floods. A great deal of effort was required to start up all the engines that had been affected by the water, not only professionally but also personally, providing all of the resources to repair them.

A moment to remember....

I particularly remember a repair job in the extrusion mill in which we had to assemble complex machining on site. We were a team capable of implementing the modifications proposed by our Maintenance Managers for mills and pumps.


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