TxPS Implementation in IBF

Recently, IBF has successfully completed the implementation of the TxPS baseline methodology in the pipes division.

Productivity and OEE indicators are being monitored every day, and shift and daily meetings are held to establish priorities and solve problems. TxPS is helping the company to improve inter-departmental communication and to focus and prioritize efforts and resources. The first SCRA-s in pipes division have been made with very promising results.

In the fittings division, IBF has started establishing productivity and OEE indicators in the key production areas and will soon start to launch the TxPS tools related to shift and daily meetings.

TxPS will help IBF improve its current operational performance with the participation of all employees and management team. With the firm commitment to implementing all TxPS basic level tools and methodologies by the end of the year, IBF is advancing steadily on the road to operational excellence.

TxPS in helping IBF improve its current operational performance

The implementation of rigorous process management and the application of robust continuous improvement methodologies are going to strengthen the capabilities and productivity to ensure a bright future in this competitive market.