Commitment to young people

The TUBACEX Group is firmly committed to creating and passing on knowledge to young people in order to foster their professional development and hence their incorporation into the labor market.

As a result of this philosophy, national and international initiatives backed by the company have arisen in conjunction with educational centers and/or public institutions. It is a complete development program that fosters the employability of young people, an important group within the company's CSR policy.

Programs with UNIVERSITIES

Programs with UNIVERSITIES (Deusto Business School, University of the Basque Country and the Engineering School) and Vocational Training Centers to offer students work placements and final degree projects.

Programs with the NOVIA SALCEDO Foundation

• Local one-year grant in different areas
(Commercial, Operations, Finance, People Management, Occupational Risk Prevention) to carry out development programs with real company objectives.

• Global Training and Leonardo da Vinci Programs. 
Four people carried out training at our Austrian subsidiary in 2014. In 2015, the company is currently selecting two new candidates.

• Job Creation Program:
it is an entrepreneurial program in which young people with initiative and an entrepreneurial spirit work to create their own company and look for job prospects that give them differentiating value.

IKASLAN Program (dual system)

Developed in conjunction with the Llodio Vocational Training Center and aimed at students of two consecutive cycles in the field of maintenance. These students combine their practical training at the TUBACEX facilities in the subsidiaries in Alava with their studies at the Center, with a high rate of later being incorporated into the company.

Apprentice School (Austria)

For technical profiles.

Internationalization Program with the BASQUE GOVERNMENT

In the development phase for the TUBACEX office in Mumbai, as part of the company's expansion in ASIA.


Of more than 80 young people who have developed some kind of grant program at TUBACEX, over 50% of them have been taken on by the Group, some of whom now hold important positions on the Operations Management Committee and in the worldwide Commercial area.

Other young people have found new professional careers in other companies and have been supported by their tutors and by the People Development department.

Historically, development has been local and the aim of the TUBACEX Group is to continue growing in this type of initiatives in all of the countries in which the company operates, contributing to the professional integration of young people in a swifter and more efficient way.