TUBACEX Foundation

TUBACEX Group starts up the establishment of its own Foundation to channel all efforts to promote social development in the geographic areas where it is present.

Since its establishment 50 years ago, TUBACEX has actively contributed to promote activities in fields such as employment, education, culture, social welfare or sports, among others.

As the Group experienced international expansion and growth, the will to channel all efforts through a body closely linked to the business strategy, emerged. Such a body will become the main channel to boost projects in three major fields of activity:


1. Training

Professional and practical training in co-operation with vocational training centers with the aim of boosting an industry-specialized workforce. This specialist training shall also include the development of technology through co-operation projects with Universities, Technology Centers, Scientific Bodies, etc.

Social Transformation

A transformation based on: value transmission; supporting and promoting cultural, social and sport activities; and promoting the integration of functional diversity groups in the corporate world.

Development Cooperation

Contributing to Human Right observation and the defense of childhood values and rights in countries and/or areas at risk of exclusion where the Group is present.


TUBACEX FOUNDATION provides a distinct differentiated identity to the company's social activity through transparent and efficient management. This represents a long-term commitment in the fields of activity defined, promoted by a governing structure which looks after the interests of the foundation and its beneficiaries.

«Above all, TUBACEX FOUNDATION is born with a lot of excitement. The excitement of being able to contribute to social transformation and the professional growth of groups which need promotion from the private sphere and receive all our support» stated Álvaro Videgain, Chairman of the TUBACEX Group and the Foundation Board of Trustees.