Stainless Steel World Conference & Exhibition

Experience & Innovation at MAASTRICHT

The Stainless Steel World Conference & Exhibition took place in Maastricht, the Netherlands, from November 17th to 19th. This 2015 conference hit a record number of exhibitors and conference delegates what reflects that the corrosion resistant alloy industry is moving from the depression phase to an encouraging stage.

TUBACEX had a meaningful presence with a distinctive booth where the company could present the widest portfolio of tubular solutions to the market, especially after the acquisitions of IBF and TUBACEX India. As well as this space, TUBACEX had the opportunity to share with other professionals its great innovation potential in the development of tailor-made solutions in close cooperation with the customers. This is a priority area for the Group which boasts a specialized team of professionals and facilities equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

For the first time in TUBACEX history, its Innovation Unit was present at technical conferences attended by over 270 people and presented three speeches based on research work conducted in recent years.

Two of the speeches focused on breakthroughs achieved in the superduplex degree: one focused on raw material design for the manufacture of umbilical offshore tubes; and another one on a method developed by means of the FEM simulation to obtain the critical diameter of the solid bar where water quenching guarantees the appropriate properties.

The third speech presented the process of developing 253MA grade tubes. This material was developed by Outokumpu for demanding high-temperature applications with excellent properties against oxidation, erosion and corrosion under temperatures of up to 1150 ºC. The characterization of tubes manufactured at TUBACEX was carried out in cooperation with Outokumpu research center in Avesta (Sweden)

"TUBACEX Innovation Unit attended the conferences for the first time"

TUBACEX speeches:

• Simulation of water quenching of long duplex products by FEM and in relation to the onset of intermetallic phase precipitation in controlled cooling tests

• TX S30815 tubes for high temperature oxidation and erosion-corrosion resistance

• Optimization of the chemical composition and microstructure of UNS S32750 for umbilical tubing