Pratima LAKHE

Procurement Department - L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Limited

How do you foresee the 2016 economic environment for your Company?

There are chances of an increase in oil prices since the US may consider stopping oil from shale gas technology, which will be beneficial to the Oil & Gas sector. Besides this, we should also consider several reforms to be proposed by the current Indian Govt. in the infrastructure and real estate sectors.

What big projects do you have in your backlog and which one do you feel more proud to achieving?

We believe that Oil & Gas projects like the GCs in Kuwait and Saudi projects which are currently under execution stages are going to be highly profitable. Future investments in infrastructure and real estate will also affect positively to the profits of the company.

What does your company value in a supplier?

L&T‘s character resolves around values based on transparency, Integrity, professionalism and accountability. L&T has always emphasized on having a fair and good relationship with the suppliers. The utmost thing which L&T values in a supplier is efficiency and effectiveness.

What role may TUBACEX play in the future of your company?

For our upcoming international projects TUBACEX can be seen as a potential supplier of the varied product range. L&T’s initiatives like global sourcing and strategic sourcing open up the opportunity to source the material from various locations across the globe.