Operator of a 28T bridge-crane in ACERÁLAVA, steel metting shop of TUBACEX Group

How would you rate your career at ACERÁLAVA?

Very positively, I've occupied different positions as an operator and since 2014 I've been working in the south crane. There is a very good work environment and each employee feels responsible for doing things correctly. Also, managers generate trust and a good working atmosphere.

How do you organize yourself with working shifts?

I have two kids and I work Morning and Night shifts. Until now I've made do with some help and two months ago I asked for a reduction from 6h to 9.15h in weeks when I'm working mornings to be able to spend time with the kids.

A moment you remember…

When I worked at the blooming saw, that was a very lovely time not only because of the very good relationship there with my workmates but also for the support for new employees and shift changes.

What are the most important changes that you have seen in TUBACEX since you joined?

The most important changes I've seen are safety improvement in machines, and safeguards and protection are gradually increasing. The other thing that has improved is training. I had the opportunity to take courses in Cranes and Pallets. When I started as a crane operator, I had to work hard to keep my post but I managed it with effort and training.