New promotion for «Health & Safety» in TUBACEX Group

First International Health & Safety Workshop

The international Occupational Health & Safety project launched a few months ago was the starting point of a global cooperation among prevention managers from different Business Units (BU). The aim of this project is to promote prevention culture throughout all Group BUs through the definition of a series of initiatives based on information and training.

Some of the activities carried out last year included the first International Workshop of TUBACEX Group held at Ternitz (Austria) on December 15th, aimed at sharing «best practices» and standardizing work methods to promote team work to boost health and safety prevention even further.

"Increased boost for prevention"

Some of the activities planned and worth highlighting in this Workshop for 2016 are: accident research methodology standardization and the implementation of different internal training activities to boost the degree of preventative culture at every level.

The event received a good welcome from the different prevention managers and the collaborative and professional environment during the day were undoubtedly the best success indicators of this initiative to promote preventative measures in Health & Safety matters within TUBACEX Group. All of this is contributing to establish an environment to move closer to achieving operational excellence.