Implementation experience:

«5S TTI in Amurrio»

TTI Amurrio has implemented the 5s methodology in the plant finishing line with visible results after three months of application.

This management program is based on the 5S Japanese method made up of words beginning with the letter S - seiri: sort; seiton: set in order; seiso: shine; seiketsu: standardize and shitsuke: sustain - which aims to create an organizational culture facilitating the use of resources and improving different work environments.


A training program was developed beforehand to facilitate the implementation of this methodology in a pilot area and to promote rolling out in other areas affected by the industrial plan, on the basis of the trust and experience gained.

The involvement of plant personnel has enabled the identification of long-lasting measures in the organization, order and cleanliness of work spaces. In particular, unnecessary materials could be eliminated, damages identified, measures to maintain spaces and components tidy were promoted and dirt sources removed.

This is the commitment of TUBACEX Group not only to operational excellence but also to safe and pleasant work environments as defined in the Group misión.