TUBACEX ratifies its COMMITMENT to suppliers

Value creation and continuous improvement are two pillars supporting the activity of TUBACEX Group in all spheres and in the management of purchasing processes, among them.

This is an extension not only of business development legal commitments but also of excellence in terms of quality, service, corporate social responsibility and costs.

To guarantee this is achieved, TUBACEX Group has implemented a global provisioning model based on the principles set forth in the Group purchasing policy which is applicable to all companies and employees of the Group.

This purchasing policy promotes long-lasting relationships with suppliers based on legal compliance, objectivity, transparency, value creation, confidentiality and creativity, which are also translated into the economic arena in the form of preferential acquisition conditions.

This is a way to ensure that the quality of purchased products and hired services comply with technical, safety and environmental requirements, in addition to issues related to human and labor rights in a participative manner. And TUBACEX Group upholds its firm commitment to supporting suppliers' development in terms of quality, innovation and improved competitiveness.