TUBACEX reinforces its global leadership in the distribution market through TSS

TUBACEX Group has reinforced its global leadership in the distribution market increasing its market proposal through TUBACEX Service Solutions (TSS); a master distributor able to offer its distributor clients a wide range of products in stock with full availability anywhere in the world.

With TSS, TUBACEX extends its offer of services and boosts its strategy to become a global supplier of tubular solutions.

To do so, TSS will have access to a global network of own warehouses in Austria, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Iran, India, the USA, France and Spain, as well as a fully-automated central warehouse in Spain where requests for orders will be centralized to production plants and planning will also be centralized.

For the rest of TUBACEX Group business units, request for order centralization will represent a significant improvement in productivity as it will allow orders to be added and larger production series from plants to be ordered, thereby optimizing manufacturing resources and production times. On the other hand, TSS will offer its customers a series of competitive benefits at service level, since it will provide immediate product availability, thus shortening delivery times. In addition, this will help them to reduce raw material volatility as TUBACEX will manage the risk. Finally, this will contribute to a reduction of warehouse management operating costs.

TSS joins the rest of TUBACEX Group business units, contributing to boost the Group profitability with its own profit and loss account. The following current Group companies: Cotubes Tubos Mecánicos, TUBACEX Services and TTA (in Spain); MIS (France), TUBACEX América (Houston) and TSS Do Brazil – will join the subsidiaries being incorporated in other parts of the world.

This master distributor has been designed to meet the three major purposes of the TUBACEX Group: increase its share on the distribution market, extend its range of services; and become a global provider of tubular solutions. Moreover, it fits in line with the strategic growth vector the company is committed to, which has integrated new companies into the group and incorporated new companies in recent months.

TSS will significantly boost the service rendered to its distributor clients