Fitting Director at IBF

If you had to evaluate your career at TUBACEX/IBF what would you say?

I started working at IBF in May 1985, being appointed Manager of the Technical Department and in charge of the issuance of construction drawings and documentation for production of fittings. Then in the mid-1990s I was appointed to directly manage the scheduling and organizing of the production of fittings in the different production departments, coordinating several department heads. In 2008 I became Director, with appointment as administrative manager for all Piacenza production sites, and I am still holding this position even after the arrival of TUBACEX in January 2015.

How was your experience integrating into TUBACEX Group?

Integration into TUBACEX Group came with a fair amount of skepticism, but over time and with continued dialog and discussion with the persons involved I think a good level was achieved, and we certainly opened a road that will lead us to have full integration in the Group.

What is the evaluation you can make of IBF?

I believe that the balance is very positive and especially under the human aspects of teamwork relationships, discussion, and collaboration.

Certainly in terms of professional development and knowledge of different working methods, and furthermore in terms of reception and integration of young people and of different nationalities and religions.

What were the changes that influenced you the most at a personal level?

Certainly the most important one was a change in mindset, and comparing and defining performance and productivity indicators that will allow us to make important decisions for the company and to promote awareness and participation of both Management and workers.