Continuous improvement evolution in TTI and ACERÁLAVA: TxPS, the key to success

The success of the industrial strategy for TTI-ACERÁLAVA is based on the implementation of TUBACEX Production System (TxPS) and a specific industrial plan for each plant resulting in major improvements of each TxPS area of action.

This has been possible thanks especially to the involvement and commitment of the people involved and every day involved in the process.



A   At Health & Safety level, the frequency and accident severity rates have positively evolved thanks to a double focus: a proactive focus (awareness raising campaigns; safety traffic lights; new safety magazine Elkarrekin; training for the chain of command on risks; a drawing competition for children, etc.) and a reactive focus (application of 8D methodology to all accidents with leave and severe accidents). This line of work has an outstanding value to achieve the zero accident target.

B   In relation to customer service, a very positive evolution in terms of quality and delivery times has been detected as well as a quantum leap in service.

B.1  In quality claims: thanks to the extensive use of troubleshooting methodology SCRA and 8D method by TxPS teams in all production areas and the development of the standardization project updating the control plan focused on self-monitoring.

B.2  Meeting delivery deadlines: thanks to the implementation of TOC, defining critical installations for planning and implementing FIFO flow on the rest of facilities, as well as an order follow-up system taking into account the customer in all process phases.

C   Finally, regarding productivity, all the facilities have experienced very positive and continuous productivity and yield improvement as it was mentioned above, thanks to the troubleshooting systems applied in the TxPS system.


To complement the improvement achieved with the Daily Management, TUBACEX is applying a radical improvement method searching for significant improvements focused on priority areas. Thanks to the Project Management method with a multidisciplinary leader and work team according to the target to be achieved, TUBACEX has implemented major improvements. The aim of the company is to maintain two radical improvement teams active in each plant at all times.


To complement the abovementioned methods, maintenance management evolution based on a preventive approach is the key to making a crucial contribution to improvements mentioned in the foregoing sections. Through the use of the RMC methods, preventive maintenance ranges have been updated, progressively implementing self-maintenance as well. It is worth highlighting the effort made by all maintenance technicians to develop the new organization and versatility, achieving significant improvements in cost reduction over the last three years.


The current industrial plan aims to achieve a radical flow transformation in TTI plants, involving a total layout transformation, integrating and connecting operations, finding part by part flow, removing stocks and internal transport and therefore implementing a crucial lead time improvement. As an example, lead time has experienced 30% improvement over last few years. The current plan is expected to run until 2018.