The speed in growth we have experiences in the past years has been, and still is, a true reflection of our strategic vision. Unfortunately, it was met with one of the worst economic scenarios, with the drop in oil prices and the slowdown of capital expenditure in the sector. Despite this, we have maintained a good rhythm in the implementation of measures that have helped us improve our competitive position. Because, in an environment like today’s, the size of a company isn’t what matters, but its reaction speed.

And we have acted under this premise: entering the markets quickly and exploring its opportunities, with the purpose of offering tubular solutions at the highest level and, especially, at full capacity offering the maximum quality guarantee.

And this is how we got to Iran. We arrived at a country that’s open to cooperation with western companies, while being fully aware of their economic position in Middle East, their growth expectations for the following years and their need to update their key structures. But we weren't alone in this entry process; strategic allies within the distribution and services area have welcomed us. Together, we have had the chance to work hand-in-hand, accessing local projects from an advantageous position.

Six months have passed since the sanctions were lifted and our position and commitment to the country is clear. We have opened a sales office in Tehran and a distribution warehouse will be opened soon to bring our products and our services portfolio closer to the Iranian market and do so in their own language and with local action and mechanisms. But we don’t want to stop there, because the horizon of opportunities of this region is very broad and our commitment is strong and long-lasting.