Excellence in customer service, a clear and shared goal in tubacex

All the initiatives developed at TUBACEX Group have a clear focus in customer services.

The organization has evolved under this premise, with a great involvement from their professional teams and a common and shared purpose: customer satisfaction.

The different initiatives developed by TUBACEX Group within their strategic plan have allowed for the improvement of their sales approach, both physically - with a global network of warehouses and sales offices - and conceptually, understanding their real needs and providing knowledge, abilities and experience in the development of tailored solutions.

On the other hand, on a production level they have developed initiatives focusing on operational excellence, with their proprietary methodology (TxPS) that allows for the identification and development of projects for radical and continuous improvement in all their plants. Among them, several LEAN projects stand out to improve the competitiveness of TUBACEX, for example their «Zero Delays» program to guarantee that deliveries are done within the established deadlines. In the last months they have developed a comprehensive work in all of the TUBACEX plants to become aware and analyze the causes that may affect the possible delays in deliveries proposing specific action plans that allow the company to become a benchmark in customer service excellence. 



Royal Dutch Shell PLC reported a fire occurred at its Shell Deutschland Oil GMBH–operated petrochemicals plant at Wesseling, Germany on May 10th 2015.

A few days after, TUBACEX was contacted by LP SpA and together with Shell Deutschland Oil GmbH worked as an unique team to build up an Action Plan which permitted LP SpA to supply 4 furnaces in record time. TUBACEX successfully produced and delivered furnace pipe and fittings in stainless steel and high resistant special grades in 8 weeks starting from scrap.