TUBACEX’s growth towards a supplier

TUBACEX Group walks towards its vision of becoming a global supplier of tubular solutions.

According to their vision and strategy, the TUBACEX Group is experiencing a transformation, which allows to establish a close cooperative relationship with their customers, with the goal of developing and providing comprehensive solutions to their specific needs.

For the past years, a training and adaptation process has taken place, which basically consists of:

• Reinforcement and increased use of technology in the sales area.

• Strong development of R&D abilities.

• Inorganic growth to complete the product portfolio.

• Development of new products and processes for high-demand applications.

The innovation strategy has been adapted to offer new products and comprehensive solutions resulting from our internal R&D activities. This means that it is necessary to include two new key concepts:

• Alliances with partners or suppliers of technology and complementary products.

• Development of new added value services, defined based on the needs of the customer.

On the other hand, in order to develop innovative solutions, it is essential to collaborate with the customer in all of the phases of the lifecycle, from its design to the operation of the service.




Open Innovation

Innovation management at TUBACEX is done under Open Innovation principles, which allows for the integration of capacity and know-how from a network of companies, including customers, suppliers, research centers and partners in general.

Most of the innovation projects that are currently under development at TUBACEX were born from alliances and consortia with other companies.

Design capacity

TUBACEX has proprietary capacity for the design of components and even subsystems in collaboration with external engineering firms.

This design capacity is perfectly complemented with a deep knowledge of the materials and their manufacturing processes.

Added-value services

Tubacex is offering certain customers a growing portfolio of added value services, such as, for example:

• Finishing operations (cut to measure, beveling)

• Advanced surface treatments (shotpeening, coatings…)

• Logistics (project delivery management, immediate delivery from the warehouse)

• Pre-manufacturing (curving, welding, grooving, finning)

Improving global efficiency

The final goal is to offer comprehensive solutions to improve global efficiency, of both projects and customer processes, thus reducing the total cost for the customer or «Total cost of ownership».

Efficiency can be achieved in very different ways, from greater material lifespan to a shorter installation deadline.

Therefore, it is necessary to open a dialog and a collaboration dynamic with its customers to understand and identify improvement opportunities together.