Integration of IBF into tubacex’s
Health & Safety Project

The project to promote a common Health and Safety culture within the TUBACEX group has encouraged the Health and Safety Managers to create a work team comprising new companies such as IBF and focusing on coordinating all the activities related to health, safety and the environment (regardless of the regulatory framework of each country).

After analyzing the situations, the group has designed and programmed a series of shared initiatives to be later implemented in all TUBACEX plants, to increase the health and safety level of all of their workers, as well as the constant care for the environment.

To establish a shared system, a fundamental step has been the analysis of the situation of all production realities. This contact has been possible thanks to internal audits: specifically, the managers of H&S of the different units have developed inspections of all of the group’s plants, analyzing documentation and processes.

The accumulated frequency index at IBF achieves the lowest value within the Group

Internal audits have proven to be the most useful and efficient tool to understand where and how to improve. As a result, the implementation of a series of documents and shared processes (8D Report, Security Minutes, Visitors’ handbook) has been planned by the IBF team, together with the new audit shedule for the year 2016, in order to continue improving.