Tubacex India first steps in TXPS

TUBACEX INDIA has started spreading wings, and is keen to fly high through TXPS, adopted Daily Work Management (DWM) as a key tool for visibility and predictability in routine operation. All sections of shop floor operation have their own shift meetings to discuss their daily priorities, performances and issues related to Quality, Productivity, Safety and Kaizen. This is a platform where communication happens among all employees, to bring more visibility about their current performances with respect to their targets.

While discussing the daily performances it also enables team to anticipate how the next few days will look like and corrective actions are decided accordingly.

Long lasting improvements thanks to the involvement of all

One of the intent of DWM was to encourage Team members to discuss chronic issues faced by them at work station & put forward their ideas through Kaizen initiatives. In mid of February 2016, TUBACEX INDIA officially launched Kaizen with a formal structure to empower all Blue collar employees to implement small improvements on sustainable basis. This has given lot of benefits in many ways such as resolving chronic Quality issues, reducing breakdowns in equipment, improving work place safety etc. These Kaizens are evaluated every quarter and employees are rewarded for best Kaizens.

Depending on the nature of contribution employee will also get recognized under the TUBACEX STARS – Special Talent And Reward System.

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