The training of the FUTURE as a lever for transformation

TUBACEX promotes the dual training model, an innovative model based on the experiences in Austria and the Basque Country that adapts vocational training to the real needs of the Company

TUBACEX Group has launched its dual training program with the purpose of developing vocational training students. This program has been promoted from within the company with the involvement of public bodies, such as the Basque and Austrian Governments, in addition to the professionals of the organization who have participated in their definition.

This program represents an opportunity for young people to alternate learning in the classroom with specific training and internships in the company, promoting their education and their employability.

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Dual Training: a priority axis of TUBACEX Foundation

Thanks to this program young students will be able to access quality training in different areas. TUBACEX’s challenge for 2016 is the promotion of the maintenance axis of its own operational excellence program, TxPS, Tubacex Production System. For this purpose, vocational training has been adapted to the real needs of the company, where 75% of the program is developed, while the other 25% takes place at the school. Additionally, and to enrich and complete their training, TUBACEX includes a year of international experience in other plants of the Group. The result is a team of professionals specialized in electro-mechanical maintenance with a high training level.

Likewise, TUBACEX completes its training with their own transversal competences in all of the plants in the field of Safety and Health, Operational Excellence or Quality practices, among others.

This program, which is framed within the action plan of Fundación TUBACEX, started in the plants in Spain and Austria, with a progressive deployment plan for the rest of the TUBACEX Business Units.