commitment to safety, quality, efficiency and environmental impact

TUBACEX Group is one of the largest suppliers of Reheaters and superheaters for Ultra supercritical plants and a key supplier for large OD pipes, reaching record year in sales in 2015.

This has been possible thanks to the knowledge of the customer needs in terms of safety, quality, efficiency and environmental impact and a close cooperation with them to offer tailor made solutions designed to withstand the most aggressive environments ensuring the best performance of the materials during operation.

Ensuring the best performance of the materials during operation

TUBACEX is a well-established player in this industry and is continuously investing in adapting its mills to the demand and the technical requirements of the customers. During the past three years the tube mills in Spain and Italy have gone through an intense industrial plan focused on lean manufacturing best practices to get rid of non-added value operations. As a result, TUBACEX has been granted relevant state of the art USC projects. Fengcheng Phase III 2x1000MW (China), Khargone 2x600MW (India) and Jimah 2x700MW (Malaysia) are good examples of this success. On the other hand, and due to the high demand of this technology, TUBACEX Services has commissioned a second line of Shot Peening to improve the oxidation resistance of materials that will be installed by the end of the year.

Intense industrial plans focused on lean manufacturing

All these projects have transformed the industrial shape of TUBACEX in both ways: higher internal efficiencies and more added value to our customers, aligned with the market demands of cleaner technologies. In spite of the Governments’ support to renewables, end users are speeding up the development of cleaner and more efficient coal fired technologies known as Advanced Ultra Supercritical 650-700C. TUBACEX is participating in working teams with leading world designers in the development of new materials and solutions for state of the art pilot plants.