Advanced coatings for extreme environments

Within its commitment to provide high value-added solutions and its efforts in the area of ​​R&D, TUBACEX has developed customized solutions based on tubular advance coatings through its subsidiary company Tubacoat.

Tubacoat S.L. is devoted to engineering, industrial development and commercialization of tailor made innovative high value coated products, providing long term reliable solutions to applications under severe working conditions and extreme environments.

Tailor made innovative high value coated products at pre-industrial stage

Tubacoat’s approach covers from identification of potential applications to industrialization, through in-depth engineering phase, sample manufacturing, characterization at laboratory and real prototype validation in the field.
In-house developed industrial process allows the application of thin tailor made ceramic coatings to steel tubes, bars or open profiles that result in products with outstanding corrosion resistance in different media and thermal conditions, high abrasion resistance, anti-adherent and anti-fouling properties, and improved mechanical hardness.


Tubacoat products are intended for target sectors such us Oil&Gas, Chemical&Petrochemical, Powergen, Fertilizers…and in general any industrial applications where main properties of coated solutions might lead to competitive advantages vs conventional currently used solutions in the field.
Tubacoat offers efficient and environmental friendly solutions to meet customer needs, reducing operating expenses in real challenging applications, increasing the service life of critical components and thus minimizing the cost of maintenance over the investment lifetime.


Chemical corrosion    Efficiency loss    High OPEX


At pre-industrial stage

In the last two years, Tubacoat prototypes have been successfully operating in technically demanding applications with severe service conditions. Among others, outstanding results have been achieved in a steam reheater application at Waste to Energy plant with corrosion at high temperature and thermal efficiency loss caused by ashes stuck on tubes resulting in high OPEX.

Efficient and environmental friendly solutions

For that challenging application, Tubacoat proposed an innovative solution based on outer coated 310 steel grade prototypes, welded to steam reheater structure, as competitive alternative to standard solution based on Inconel cladding. The outstanding performance of the prototypes used exceeded customer expectations, with negligible loss of mass, glossy surface after 2 years in operation and low ash adherence, what give rise to longer tube life expectation, improved thermal efficiency and reduced cleaning and maintenance
The short and medium term objectives of Tubacoat are focused on field proven product industrialization in a high automated and efficient manufacturing facility and getting additional prototypes running in different potential applications to prove the competitive advantages of the coating technology.