Julen Bilbao

TSS Spain

COTUBES has recently become TSS Spain. How did that change come about?
COTUBES is now called TSS, mainly because the name COTUBES failed to reflect exactly what we are. We wanted to add more emphasis. We are TUBACEX, our sector leading company and a globally renowned prestigious brand. Furthermore, our motto or DNA is to serve our clients and try to solve their problems or worries. Amid this prolonged uncertain behavior of the markets (first automotive, nuclear and Oil&Gas), negative raw material evolution, macroeconomic and geopolitical uncertainty, etc. we continue to: be committed to maintain our stock and customer service standards. We want them to succeed so we can succeed. More importantly, this work philosophy is supported by the current Management and the Strategic Plan in force.

The best TUBACEX had and still has is our customer focus

You are one of the main TUBACEX┬┤s clients and also part of its operative structure. Which came first?
Strangely as it may seem, I'm going to expand a bit on the previous answer. In the 60's, when TUBACEX needed to serve the demanding automotive world working with carbon and alloy tubes, COTUBES was created. COTUBES means Trading Company of Special Tubes and Fittings in Spanish. Therefore, 40 years ago we already believed in selling special tubes and fittings. Just like now: thinking about customers, service and availability. We were born as clients and structure... and carry on in that way... However, it's a fact we increasingly represent the customer's voice and our production plants are aware that there are hundreds of clients behind TSS. And everything starts with them...

Over the years, how would you rate COTUBES evolution from then until today?
TUBACEX was a pioneer in implementing this formula based on the customer-service tandem. It goes without saying that we have the most comprehensive seamless stainless steel range available worldwide. This development might not have been possible without a clearly understood in-house commitment or obviously without our regular clients who have helped us get where we are now.

What is the biggest challenge you are facing?
It's a double challenge: on the one hand bringing together all the demand from the markets into a single source (TTS) for maximum optimization of production and administration processes at the plants. There is an internal challenge in terms of significant productivity. We are aware production batches (MOQs) must be hugely increased without negatively affecting clients. On the other hand, the challenge is to replicate this sales formula which has worked so well in Europe, in Asia and America. Much of TSS focuses on those two challenges!

Our customers trust us and value the offer we make very positively.

TSS business model has survived the market situation, what are the keys to success?
Our customers trust us and value the offer we make very positively. That's the secret! When we are no longer able to offer something attractive or when clients no longer value our offer, the dynamics will change.

In fact, the model has been replicated until a global project was created. What was your role in this operation?
I think the best TUBACEX had and still has is our customer focus. And even more so in TSS. We just listen to our customers, provide services and solutions; and they act accordingly. This is why we're now talking about TSS growth: it will be an outstanding tool for our clients, our internal organization and our shareholders.