Managing Director USA


What are you most excited about in your new challenge in the USA?
I have been extremely lucky to have worked as the Group's Continuous Improvement Director in my previous post. That gave me the opportunity to visit all the factories we have and work with great professionals who have shared their knowledge and best practices in the industry with me. In my new post, I will be able to make all this work towards the transformation of Salem Tube, a leader in precision tubes for such a demanding and up-and-coming market like the US market. What more could you ask for?

In your opinion, what solutions can SALEM offer the market compared to its competitors?
Thanks to my predecessor's great vision, SALEM TUBE already offers today one of the widest range of materials in the USA and shortest delivery times in industry. Recent investments in our lab, finishing lines and highly qualified team have not only earned us our clients' absolute confidence but also explain the high success we have recently achieved in the nuclear and aeronautical sectors.

How were you welcomed by the US team?
I was very lucky to have spent quite a lot of time with my predecessor Rufino Orce, who introduced me to all the tasks, duties and challenges gradually and naturally. He left me with a fantastic team who makes my work a pleasure.

What are the major changes you have seen in TUBACEX since you joined?
If I had to name just one, it would be the cultural change we can now feel at every level. The desire to improve and move forward every day, that TEAM spirit which is boundless and makes our Austrian peers give us advice on lubricants in the USA or our colleagues in India supporting us with a local supplier to meet a deadline. In sum, a culture of excellence which will help us to become a global leader of tubular solutions.