TUBACEX Services, under the umbrella of TUBACEX Group Prevention Policy, continues to promote activities to strengthen the team's commitment beyond strict compliance with legal requirements.

In this field, TUBACEX Services management team has launched an initiative to improve understanding of standard risk assessment documents and thus, encourage active participation of employees in a priority field for the unit.
Documents on third-party risk assessment prevention services which are usually «unfriendly», theoretical and lengthy, act as a barrier in the integration of new staff appointed and fail to promote involvement, continuous improvement and participatory approach required to meet our demanding internal targets in prevention matters.

More useful, entertaining, user-friendly and with greater capacity to impact

In this setting, TUBACEX Services team has performed a detailed analysis exercise on the updated risk assessment document, schematically and visually outlining the gist of the information, through symbols and color codes on the plant layout. As a result, a graphic risk panel was created to supplement the original document which is more practical and user-friendly and has a higher capacity to impact people.
The graphic panel, part of the training and induction plan documentation, is a live document easily adaptable to the dynamic environment the plant may be in. The assessment of the training activity linked to risk analysis in the induction plan has shown a significant improvement thanks to the graphic panel implementation.