Teams involved in COMPETITIVENESS improvement

As a result of TUBACEX employees' involvement in continuous improvement, the ceremony closing the «Optimization of standard products» project which started last year, took place in September

The project was aimed at improving TUBACEX position in the standard product segment through the optimization of production processes and materials, leading to improved competitiveness. The results achieved greatly exceeded the targets defined in the initial phases.
The project was led by TTI-ACERÁLAVA Quality Director with a work team made up of professionals with experience in different processes and plants who have also led sub-projects in different areas such as process, product, materials, logistics, etc.

Methodology used

A project management methodology was used whereby during the initial opportunity identification phase, brainstorming sessions were carried out involving professionals with by many years' experience. Furthermore, for each opportunity identified a sub-project was developed with its own team where actions aimed at making the most of the opportunity were carried out, allocating a budget and timing monitored fortnightly.

Long lasting improvements thanks to everyone involved

The progress of sub-project achievements was tracked monthly by the work team during the 18 months of work scheduled and until the final implementation of all actions identified.

Award ceremony

The closing ceremony involved a brief presentation of the achievements attained delivered by team members. Afterwards, diplomas were awarded as well as small gifts to thank the team members for their effort and dedication.
Given the strategic relevance of the project, the event was attended by TUBACEX Group Chairman Alvaro Videgain and CEO Jesus Esmoris, as well as members of the company Management Committee.