A Concept note TO PROVIDE Education, Water, Improved Sanitation and Hygiene in Palghar District (Maharashtra) INDIA

As part as one of its Foundation’s axis, TUBACEX Group has been working in the last months to design a cooperation program to contribute to the defense of childhood values and rights in India.

This program has been promoted from TUBACEX India in close collaboration with UNICEF thinking of a local project with global impact in all TUBACEX business units.
The general objective of this program is to promote Education and Sanitation & Hygiene in Palghar district, at the close proximity to TUBACEX India’s mill (5-50km radius) the youngest district of Maharashtra state. With a total population of 2.9 million spread across 3,818 habitation it is the second most tribal district of Maharashtra. Nearly 38 per cent of the population are Scheduled Tribe communities, with lowest human development index.

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Improving schools’ environments

The general objective of this project is to support the district administration of Palghar, with special focus on Schedule Tribe dominated blocks, to create an enabling environment for promoting learning, and improved WASH facilities in the schools under the background of Swach Bharat and Swach Vidyalaya (Clean India Clean School). This global project will be divided into two work areas: «Wash» and «Learning in school»

A collaboration with UNICEF, the leading advocate for children’s rights

On the one hand, «Wash project» has been designed to support the district administration to achieve the highest status for all the rural government schools as per the norms set under Clean School Award. With this program, children’s practices could improve with higher school ratings.  
On the other hand, «Learning in School project» will promote teachers education structures to understand, plan, support, and monitor teacher professional development. Facilitating teacher professional development will have a direct impact on the quality of education in the district.

Promoting learning and improved WASH facilities in the schools

These two sub-projects will be developed in the next three years with specific actions to promote all stakeholders’ participation, specially TUBACEX’s employees that will become the cornerstone of the project. It is the first time that TUBACEX Group promotes a global development cooperation program, reinforcing its commitment with areas where the company has geographical presence with initiatives that go beyond its industrial activity.