Through the years, TUBACEX has undergone a transformation process to reach the point where we are today: a major multinational group with a workforce located in 40 countries. In recent years we have faced crisis situations which we have turned into opportunities to continue evolving at the same pace as our clients and at the rate demanded by the market.

A key factor in this process was and still is, the cultural transformation which has enabled TUBACEX to make progress in business with a clear commitment to Innovation, a customer-centered focus and talent management leading to the qualification of our teams in the skills necessary to address the new challenge.

All our collaborators have experienced this change to become highly qualified, multi-purpose and multi-skilled teams which have evolved with the agility required by the company, helping it to take off even against the current in many occasions.

We were capable of building a Business Partner model with our customers, understanding their needs and responding with the development of complex solutions; with a close customized customer care service thanks to the reinforcement of our sales network. All in a market context which has done nothing but reinforce our resilience, where the key to our success was to resist the environment, remaining flexible in the face of change. That flexibility was determined by the teams' capacity to adapt to our new business paradigms and where TUBACEX has proved to be a fit and healthy company. And will continue to do so.