TUBACEX promotes service
with a global program focused on DELIVERY TIMES

TUBACEX Group is aware of the importance of products and solutions being available at the time and place where our customers need them to carry out their activity.

As a result, we are committed to applying the Lean Manufacture philosophy to our production processes aimed at the entire organization for the customer, through continuous improvement of our processes and the qualification/training and involvement of all our teams.

Based on the foregoing principles, TUBACEX has launched a global program to improve the service rendered to customers regarding product delivery, analyzing production processes and work methodologies in our organization from the customer viewpoint as well as towards delivery excellence.

Therefore, delivery times have become a strategic priority along our way to excellence. This program involves all work areas and business units as it conceives TUBACEX as a major global group with interdependencies between companies and teams.

Quality, productivity and delivery times - the key to success

This global «Zero Delays» program was promoted by the Management as a key element to improve the service rendered to customers and subsequent impact on their satisfaction level. This is in addition to other initiatives launched within the TUBACEX Production System (TxPS) and focused on operational improvement with direct impact on delivery times, productivity and quality, not to mention people safety.

All the projects undertaken under the continuous improvement umbrella share a key completion factor: the involvement of people who, each with their own responsibilities, undertake service vocation promoted by the company as their own.