TUBACEX EXTENDS ITS R&D and Innovation Laboratory service range

TUBACEX Group R&D&I laboratory extends its technology service offer provided to Group companies as well as other end users in the field of material characterization. The Laboratory is now capable of contributing to solving problems related to material behavior through a technical capacity analysis.

The recent accreditation obtained according to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 international standard, which also encompasses ISO 9001 quality management system standard, endorses the technical competence of the laboratory and its experts.

High qualification, vast laboratory knowledge and experience, all make the forecast of mechanical behavior and corrosion resistance of metallic materials during service possible, through micro-structural characterization of those metallic materials. Therefore, micro-structural scale analysis of materials becomes a very valuable tool, which along with sophisticated thermodynamic calculation software, enables the design of new production processes, thermal treatments suitable for the mechanical properties desired and/or new chemical compositions for new alloy development.


As a whole, the set of services on offer provides a response to customers' needs in terms of material behavior analysis in projects to develop new solutions created to meet very specific customers' needs, industrialization or improved materials to optimize product behavior.

A major pillar in the development of new solutions

In particular, TUBACEX R&D&I laboratory covers two major work areas: micro-structural analysis through Light Microscopy and Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy (FESEM); and micro/macro hardness mechanical testing. These capabilities enable us to provide additional value to studies in different fields, such as:

  • Fault analysis of materials both during the manufacturing process as well as components in service; and change / solution proposals;
  • Product validation and comparative studies between products;
  • Statistic analysis, capacity studies and trust intervals which enable the assessment of process robustness and product uniformity;
  • Coating studies (thickness measurement, percentage of porosity, etc.);
  • Evaluation and distribution of properties at microscopic scale (mapping);
  • In-depth micro-structural analysis. Studies of grain size distribution, precipitation, phase determination, degree of steel cleanliness according to international standards, etc.;
  • Microstructural analysis of corrosion test specimens;
  • Material recrystallization/deformation degree study;
  • Nitriding or carburization of material surface study.

Thanks to all the foregoing, TUBACEX Group R&D&I laboratory is boosting the Group metallurgical knowledge by applying state-of-the-art technology to material characterization at the service of their customers.