Teo PALOMERO - Labor Administration Manager (Spain)

What has been you track record in the TUBACEX Group?

I started at the general administration Warehouse and after working for transport and invoicing, I have been working in the Labor Administration Department since 1977.

Over the last 46 years I have tried to be meticulous in my job and treat everyone the same without differences.

A lesson that the business world has taught you

We are all the company. It's important to adapt to everything, make an effort to do the right thing, learn, have a positive attitude and admit it when you make a mistake.

A piece of advice for young people

Don't forget where you come from and who you are.

Do not do unto others what you would not want done to yourself

What do you value most about TUBACEX?

There are many things I could highlight about TUBACEX but if I have to mention just one it would be teamwork in the Department of People Management and Organization. Another crucial factor has been the way we are treated and a good relationship with all my superiors, who have always shown they trust my work.

What are the most important changes that you have seen in TUBACEX since you joined?

The evolution of women in the company is positive and more and more women are reaching important positions. The generation change also, new generations are better skilled. Before we were self-taught for many things.

How do you see the Human Resources Area in TUBACEX?

This is a complicated area because of the relevance of what we do, but solutions have to be offered and service vocation is required to help our internal customers and improve each day.

And now... I'm going to swim, listen to music, sawing... and I will help my workmates when need me