PREVENTION improvement program

One of the key factors for prevention integration and to build a positive preventive culture is the participation of everyone. People become the management focus and an active part in the occupancy risk identification process.

Over recent years, one of our main targets at ACERALAVA, and in particular the steelworks department, has been working to reduce the causes behind accidents due to burns by glowing matter projections. This is one of the main hazards at foundries as operations require working close to the source of origin of projections.

As a result, in recent years, the team at TUBACEX ACERALAVA steel mill has been working in this line, launching improvements in facilities to move the worker further away from the projection source, as well as Personal Protection Equipment extending and enhancing protection offered by PPEs already in use and contributing with all this to reduce this type of accidents.

Major improvements thanks to the identification of participative hazard

Improvement measures implemented have helped to achieve a major reduction in the number of accidents due to burns caused by glowing projections in 2016 compared to previous years' figures.

This reduction was the result of the effort and collaboration of the Steelworks department personnel who have actively participated in improvement proposals, in tests with PPEs and acceptance of preventative measures implemented.