TxPS a global and participative operational improvement system

The implementation of TUBACEX Production System (TxPS) in all business units has achieved significant improvements in each scope of action: gradual improvements, radical improvements and maintenance transformation, with a major impact on those units with more maturity in their implementation.


Quality systems must be designed to comply with customer requirements and maintain process stability. One of the more robust tools developed by TUBACEX in Spain to comply with these principles is process standardization reinforced by kamishibais, audits performed by supervisors to reinforce the importance of following the defined procedures. During this process in direct feedback with the operators’ limitations or inability to run them effectively are detected and action plans are developed in order to ensure its continuous improvement.


Salem Tube has progressed in the daily management of the plant with visual and regular indicators (OEE, shift meetings, SCRA…). Over recent months, the company has launched the tube manufacturing process for the aerospace industry; auto-control measures or any other initiatives included in the Lean Manufacturing framework including the implementation of Kamishibai, launching 5S in pilot areas, current and future Value Stream Mapping (VSM) to document, analyze and improve information flow. In sum, a significant implementation oriented to continuous improvement.


TxPS regains its strength in SBER due to great commitment at all management levels and intensified monitoring efforts by top-management. Furthermore, TxPS is the main tool for the management and execution of the new industrial plan (100% Lean Premium) defined in SBER, which was developed during Q3/Q4 2016 and is supported by both, radical and continuous improvement projects between 2017 and 2019.



TUBACEX INDIA initiated TxPS in November 2015 employing Focused Improvement methodology. Piercing Mill was selected as one of the key projects to improve quality, OEE and reduce costs. Several actions were taken such as setting standard parameters, redesigning of production tools and adoption of Lean tools such as SMED, Why –Why analysis, SCRA and Kaizen. This Unit has improved OEE from 36% to 44% in 6 months with an overall cost saving of 0.09 MEUR till Nov 16.


IBF is gradually progressing in the TxPS implementation process with productivity indicators and OEE which are monitored daily and enabling direct communication with personnel at the plant which facilitates problem identification and solving. The Management expects to promote the model deployment during 2017 along with a more favorable situation.

Continuous improvements thanks to the involvement of teams

These improvements were possible thanks to the involvement and participation of the teams who «feed» the process with their daily input, showing their commitment to teamwork which facilitates good progress being made towards excellence