new generations in Austria as a key to competitiveness and employability

SBER promotes the dual training model as well as the integration of young Basques with international grants to adapt talent to the company needs.

SBER, TUBACEX Group Austrian subsidiary, is aware of the challenge to create a school to provide high performance teams capable of offering high value solutions to customers. To this end, the company has been investing for many years in an Apprenticeship School which represents an opportunity for young people to alternate learning in the classroom with specific training and internships in the company, promoting their education and their employability.

Each year the Austrian plant trains an average of 15 to 20 apprentices in seven technical specialties: processes, mechanics, electricity, materials, industrial machinery and technology. In 2016 the plant joined the dual training program with electromechanical maintenance specialty, along with TTI and ACERALAVA.


The Apprenticeship School, dual training and Global Training make up TUBACEX commitment to training

This program has adapted vocational training to the real needs of the company, where 75% of the program is carried out, while the other 25% takes place at the school, including one year of international internship in other plants of the Group.

Likewise, TUBACEX completes its training with their own transversal competences in all the plants in the field of Health & Safety, Operational Excellence, Continuous Improvement, Innovation or Quality Practices, among others.

In addition to these programs, SBER has been training young people in different fields thanks to the Basque Government internationalization scholarships Global Training. Thanks to this the apprentices acquire key skills through practical training at foreign companies. Some of the young people who have completed these training programs continue their development at SBER. This year two young people joined these scholarships at Austrian plants and two more will joint Italian plants (IBF).

High performance teams adapted to the company needs

These programs are under the umbrella of TUBACEX Foundation action plan. As part of its work lines, the plan includes training, in particular among the youngest, to promote qualification and employability among its employees while promoting flexible high-performance teams oriented to the clients' needs.