The development of NEW HIGH TECHNOLOGICAL value products and services

In agreement with our strategic vision, TUBACEX Group is making progress in our value proposal offering integral high technological value solutions and a wide range of tailor-made services with the ultimate aim of improving the global efficiency of our client's projects and processes.

This vision has led the company to continue investing in a key area. Thus, investments in R&D and innovation technology have increased by 50% during 2016.

Efforts oriented to Innovation in recent years have translated into significant growth in new products turnover and, in particular, high technological value products in both cases with record breaking sales figures. Therefore, regarding the sale of new products last year TUBACEX Group achieved a 52% turnover compared to the 29% of the previous year. In addition, the year ended with a sales percentage of 70% compared to 60% in 2015 regarding high technology value products.

These milestones were successfully achieved thanks to our commitment to the development of R&D and Innovation capabilities and the development of new products and processes for highly demanding applications, as well as innovation management under the principles of Open Innovation, which facilitates the integration of capabilities and knowledge of a business network, including clients, suppliers or technology centers, among others.

The following projects recently carried out are an example of this type of development:

– TX28E


TUBACEX India has received its first order for the production of TUBACEX 253MA. TX 253MA is an austenitic 2Cr 10Ni+Si type of alloy with very well defined contents of rare earth metals (REM) and nitrogen.

The REM in combination with silicon contribute to the high alloy oxidation resistance and the nitrogen to its high creep strength and structural stability even at high temperatures. Maximum service temperature reaches 1150 ºC.

The order has been placed by Continental Carbon India Pvt. Ltd, with a total of 7 APH. These tubes are going to be used for complete maintenance of 1 APH.

TSS India has delivered TP321 and TP310S in a global full package offer

With this order TSS India has delivered TP321 and TP310S in a global full package offer. This will help TUBACEX to further develop these Premium key materials for niche applications.

TX 253MA, with its improved properties to cyclic oxidation and excellent creep strength and structural stability at high temperatures, is an ideal solution for different applications such as recuperator tubes in metallurgical industries, heat treatment furnaces, thermocouple protection tubes, lance tubes for lime kilns and muffle tubes in continuous wire annealing furnaces, among others.

Other orders of this material supplied by TUBACEX Spain include as customers Gestamp (Furnace application) and Wootz (Petrochemical application).


Alloy 28 (UNS N08028) is the most widely used steel grade in corrosion resistant alloy OCTG casing & tubing.

TUBACEX has developed a special modification to satisfy extremely severe environmental well conditions as well as high yield strength. This new product, TX28E, has already been delivered satisfactorily to different Customers and is in the process of being approved by important Oil and Gas companies. This modified grade has already been supplied for end users like Kuwait Oil Company and Total (Dolphin project in Qatar).


Following the strategy of becoming a global solutions supplier, TUBACEX Services (the Group's business unit focused on value added services) is offering a wide range of services to complement the high quality of our tubular products.

Recent examples of these activities include: fining, welding and bending of seamless pipes & tubes for furnace application in an integrated approach that tries to make procurement easier for the equipment manufacturer.

Additionally, TUBACEX Service Solutions is also complementing our value proposal with the sourcing of complementary products which are not in the TUBACEX group portfolio (i.e. flanges and gaskets among others) from well trusted partners. Some examples of this new approach include supplies for customers like ExxonMobil Gravenchon Refinery in France or shipyards in Brazil for Petrobras's projects.