Manuel SARABIA - People Corporate Director and Chief Operating Officer TAS (TUBACEX Advanced Solutions)

What has been you track record in TUBACEX Group?
I've had the fortune to evolve with the TUBACEX project. I joined in 2010 and initially focused on the management of human resources at corporate level. In 2014, I undertook the management of TSS operations. It is very satisfying to see how this project has grown and today it has become TAS, merging several businesses: TSS, TM, TX Services, Tubacoat and TX Logistics.

How do you rate the change and cultural transformation undergone by TUBACEX?
Change is a need imposed by the market because to continuously improve our quality, service and competitiveness is the only way to keep our customers satisfied. TUBACEX culture has always had great values and in recent years it has significantly benefited from an ambitious strategic refocusing, accelerated internationalization and an excellent management model implemented across the Group. Likewise, I also find our commitment to innovation and engagement with Occupational Health very important. And I don't want to forget the good news: a large number of women have joined TUBACEX, and some of them in positions of great responsibility.

How is TUBACEX organization adapting to these changes?
Obviously, although this process is taking years, what I find most exciting is to see how the spirit of continuous improvement has percolated throughout the entire organization. To achieve this, we have key tools such as TxPS, however this change is still possible in particular due to the dedication and engagement of our employees, corporate representatives, middle and executive management.

How do you see TUBACEX in 2020?
We hope to be a company considered a leading supplier and partner by all our clients, and this will enable us to lead many markets where we are present. I foresee very good results based on international growth, multiple high added value products and services, a wide variety of activities and businesses and a team proud to belong to TUBACEX.