New TOOLS to promote safety

Continuous communication and team work are two of the key aspects to carry out work safely.

SBER launched a visual tool to follow-up accidents occurred per area, i.e. ‘the green cross’ in mid-2016. This tool, created in IBF (Italy), which the HSE corporate project team considers an excellent way to promote our target of «zero accidents», was launched throughout the entire group for that very reason.

This cross contains all the days of the month and turns green every day there are no accidents or red when an accident unfortunately happens. The importance of using PPEs is reminded at every TxPS shift meeting, and the previous day situation is shown visually, follow-upwhereby the daily the monthly target of ‘a green cross’ is achieved daily.

This cross shows the previous day's situation visually

Since the deployment of this tool, accident information in SBER flows easily and all the workers are more aware of the situation in each area, with every level talking about the green cross which has been achieved. In combination to this, the HSE department sends a monthly summary of the accidents in the entire business unit, to keep people informed and aware.

We should like to highlight that since the tool implementation accident rates have improved in SBER, where working safely is top priority.

Safety first for us all.