Carbon steel with no protection vs coated tuve

Offering INTEGRATED value proposals in complex applications

As part of its strategy towards integrated tubular solutions, TUBACEX is launching and starting to develop new lines of action in R&D as well as in the search for strategic alliances to develop integrated value proposals, in particular, applications with a high technology component.

These proposals mainly impact on operations providing added value to a tube to convert it into a functional element where TUBACEX has been working to offer innovative differential solutions generating the maximum efficiency.

  • Pre-manufacturing (curving, machining, finning)
  • Joining through welding or mechanical connections
  • Coating.

For example, TUBACEX has already supplied complex orders of finished products in the pre-manufacturing area, integrating the technologies and capabilities of technological partners, to result in the reduction of deadlines and total costs for the client, as well as a single liability.

New dialog channels with clients integrating technology and end users.

Regarding joining technology, work is in progress for the development of welding solutions for the most advanced and complex materials, as well as different mechanical connection technologies for high-liability applications. The idea is to introduce new concepts and designs offering competitive advantages and cost savings in the assembly phase, rather than integrating conventional connections.

On the other hand, regarding coatings, TUBACEX is currently working with high-performance coatings such as ceramic coatings developed by one of the Group's companies, Tubacoat, which contributes to improving the product surface properties and thermal insulation.

This undoubtedly implies qualitative progress in approaching end users to offer them a complete one stop solution.