1501155630767.jpg1501155650507.jpg   Taro RAJPAL
Asia’s Finance Director

How would you rate your career at TUBACEX-ASIA?
My journey with TUBACEX began on March 15th 2015. The journey so far has been challenging and professionally satisfying. I am happy with the progress we have made so far in Asia. With the focus management has on Asia, I believe my work profile will become more interesting and challenging in the coming days.

A moment you remember…
My best moment was the completion of the successful acquisition of the Prakash Steelage Ltd., Seamless business in July 2015, to make that happen the team involved including myself did lot of work for 5-6 months.

How have you lived the integration in TUBACEX Group?
Though integration in a new group is daunting task, I did find that TUBACEX Management is quite flexible, accommodating and most importantly accessible. I also had friendly finance colleagues at Headquarters , so with them around the transition was smooth within the company, and from the day I began.

What difference do you think you will make in TUBACEX?
I believe, my experience in handling financial transformations, working capital and cost reduction projects, implementation of financial systems, processes and procedures, with the guidance of my senior colleagues will make a difference in the function.

What have been the major changes for you since you joined the company?
I am happy that each passing day we achieve something, be it a Joint Venture with Prakash, Implementation of ERP system for Asia, opening of various branches and distribution work-centers in Asia. I look forward to many more achievements in the coming days.