DESIGN THINKING applied to Health & Safety: Innovating to continue building

In April, the annual meeting of the People Area management team took place in Spain, where different representatives had the opportunity to practice the Design Thinking methodology, one of the most advanced design solutions to effectively and successfully promote innovation.

During the meeting, Health & Safety was defined as the priority work pillar to build an action plan to reduce labor accidents. A prior immersion exercise in the context of each business unit was carried out to facilitate subsequent identification of improvement opportunities through an interactive brainstorming process.

Commitment to preventive culture.

During the workshop, a series of work areas were identified and prioritized after a characterization according to the degree of urgency and importance for the company and for people. In addition, actions in the field of collaboration, awareness raising and training were also defined and assessed through the analysis of variables such as novelty, usefulness and feasibility, selecting those with the highest scores for launching.

In sum, this is an innovative formula to approach the needs of the company which facilitates the definition of interactive and constructive action plans. Thanks to this workshop, good practices were shared and new ideas were generated among People Area managers from all the TUBACEX business units with a clear focus on people Ā«Among all, safety firstĀ».