The impact of RADICAL IMPROVEMENT on umbilical tubes

The TxPS operational excellence system was developed in SBER with visible results on each working pillar: gradual improvement, radical improvement and maintenance transformation.

In particular, radical improvement projects aim to obtain significant short-term improvements with a special focus on business priorities and addressing different issues in the field of production such as: bottleneck breaking, increased efficiency and productivity, product quality improvement, as well as increased maximized use of materials, among others.

In the first semester, two radical improvement projects were carried out with a key impact on the umbilical business. The first project is aimed at breaking the current bottleneck and the second involves a yield improvement project.

Both projects followed the radical improvement defined as the Group standard. This is a lean model where a multidisciplinary team was formed with a team leader who manages the project with the aim to achieve the desired objective. The aim is defined with a set of indicators which include the economic impact resulting from the improvement. The weekly project follow-up by the team is carried out in periodic meetings where the state of actions to be implemented is reviewed and action effectiveness is followed up.

Driving TUBACEX Group's aim of leading the umbilical offshore tube market.

The multidisciplinary team consists of experts from different areas so that actions can be implemented in different disciplines at the same time.

Furthermore, support and direct follow-up by the plant senior management provides the appropriate drive and backing for projects to achieve the expected outcomes within an admissible time period for this type of radical projects (between two and six months depending on the project).

Both projects in progress this semester are very close to completion and represent underpinning the production capacity of SBER umbilical plant, pursuing TUBACEX Group's target of leading the umbilical offshore tube market.

The company intends to always keep two projects of this type open in each plant, driving teams to work towards radical improvement.