New DUAL TRAINING program,
making progress towards employability and competitiveness

TUBACEX has ratified its commitment to quality training with the enrollment of 35 new students at Llodio and Amurrio in Spain and Ternitz in Austria plants, who will be trained on the «Extrusion, Rolling and Forging» program.

This is a tailor-made program promoted by Basque and Austrian Governments to complete the training offer already provided by the company with its dual preventive maintenance program. With this program, 55 young people accessed this training mode launched in the Basque Country and Austria last year in the first phase and will be progressively deployed to its plants in the USA, Italy and India.

Now 20 and 15 young people will join the program in Spain and Austria, respectively. These four-year programs are mainly taught at TUBACEX work centers where the student receives 75% of training, which is combined with classroom tuition (25%) and one year of international work experience at any TUBACEX plant in the world. In addition to this, management training regarding occupational health and safety, among other areas, as well as the development of cross-curricular skills such as customer-orientation, teamwork or continuous improvement are also provided.

Dual training programs represent an opportunity for young people who start professional immersion in TUBACEX as they access real-life work environments, with very personalized training which is also in line with the company's needs. Likewise, this is an opportunity for TUBACEX as highly qualified young people are part of its teams. This program follows the program launched in 2016 oriented to preventive maintenance as one of the pillars of TUBACEX Production System (TxPS), a corporate system of operational excellence.