At TUBACEX we strive to improve and progress on our way to business excellence; therefore, we launched a new strategic plan in 2016 with a four-year time horizon.

Thanks to our previous strategic plan, TUBACEX has been gradually extending our product and service portfolio to become a supplier of tubular solutions. The chief aim of the new plan is to accelerate this process and reinforce the Group positioning as a supplier of integral tubular solutions. Our evolution towards high added-value products over recent years has enabled TUBACEX to move closer to end clients, get to know their needs and thus, be in an advantageous position to make the most of that knowledge and develop a broader offer.

Reinforcing TUBACEX position as a global supplier of tubular solutions
To achieve this, we need to grow throughout the entire value chain and be present at all stages required to offer an integrated solution: from concept design to installation and maintenance of the solution.

Reducing volatility
Through three main channels: diversification of activity sectors using the products, product diversification towards higher value-added products and reducing the impact of raw materials on order profitability.

Generating €1 billion turnover
Generating €1 billion turnover will be broken down into two stages: During the first stage, with a standardized market and current sales mix; and a second stage once full positioning as a supplier of integrated tubular solutions has been achieved.

Obtaining a level of excellence exceeding 500 in the EFQM model
The Quality and Excellence EFQM model is a tool to drive and boost continuous improvement in business environments. TUBACEX Group is currently subject to self-assessment to measure the evolution of excellence in the organization. Since 2013, results show a positive evolution in all assessment criteria with particularly outstanding results in “Strategy”, “Leadership” and “Products, Processes and Services”. Identifying strengths and weaknesses in different fields of the organization is the starting point of the continuous improvement process. As a result, prioritizing triggers specific action plans to pursue more efficient and effective management.